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Wyndham Philip Gray

Wyndham on Holiday in Turkey 1995

Vera and Wyndham (Charlie) in Spain 1965

Vera Taylor and Wyndham Philip Gray on their wedding day 1st August 1936 at Christchurch Battersea SW London

Wyndham Philip Gray aged 21

Wyndham with Grandson Michael Antony Gray at Michael and Sylvia’s first flat at 39 Keildon Rd Battersea SW11 in 1970

Wyndham is King Knobbly Knees at Warners Southley Holiday camp Hayling Island about 1958


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Wyndham (Charlie) and Vera on a weekend away in 1999

On holiday at Leysdown Isle of Sheppy about 1948

Samson Charles Gray

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Wyndham and Vera celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1986

Individual Report for Wyndham Philip Gray

Individual Summary: Wyndham Philip Gray


Sex: Male

Father: Samson Charles Gray

Mother: Margaret Annie Brittle

   Individual Facts:   

  Birth: 22 May 1913 in 169 Wandsworth Rd. Stockwell. Lambeth

Fact 1: 1936 is a Timber Porter

Fact 3: 1936 in Living at 46 Este Rd. Battersea

Fact 2: 1936 in Married aged 22

 Death: 14 Jan 2001 in Kingston Hospital

Burial: 21 Jan 2001 in North|East Surrey Crematorium (Cremation)

Cause Of Death: Infective Exacerbation of Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  Shared Facts: Vera Doris Annie Taylor

  Marriage: 01 Aug 1936 in Christchurch Battersea London SW

Death Of One Spouse: 14 Jan 2001 in Witnesses E Barter & W Stanton

Children: Michael Philip Gray

    Person Notes:  Wyndham was born 0n the 22nd of May 1913 at 169 Wandsworth Rd.  Stockwell Lambeth Surrey. He went to the South Lambeth Rd. School for  boys and left in July 1927 aged 14. He went to work on the Railway at Nine  Elms Depot Battersea until he became of full age when he was told to move on. This was to avoid paying him a mans wage. He then worked as a  Timber porter and took any other job that came along until after his marriage  this was during the economic depression and work was almost impossible to  find. Wyndham would take a days work here and there wherever he could find it, sometimes unloading coal barges for the power station or whatever  came along.Times were very hard in these days and money very short . Wyndam never forgot those days and was never out of work for the rest of  his working days. His wife Vera then managed to get him a Job at the factory where she was working( Morgan Crucible Company which later  became Morganite Carbon) where he stayed for 40 years until he was made  redundant. This was due to the Factory (Which was next to Battersea  Bridge) relocating in Swansea after being made redundant aged 60  Wyndham still found work in various places and carried on working until his  late 70s. Wyndham was always known by his second name Philip to his own  family . His Father Samson Charles was always known by his second name  Charles which became Charlie to his work mates. When Wyndham started  work on the Railway with his father he became known as little Charlie and  this was the name that Vera knew him by when she met him. After that he was known as Charlie Gray to everybody except his own family who  continued to call him Phil. When Wyndham married in 1936 He lived with  Vera at 46 Este Rd Battersea. They later moved to a flat in 7 Ashness Rd.  Battersea in July 1936 at a rent of 18 Shillings a week and then to 15 Berber  Rd Battersea SW11 in February 1939 where they had the Ground floor flat and Vera's Mother Ada Taylor Had the upstairs flat. The rent for the whole house was 2 pounds a week which was split between Vera and Charlie and vera's Mother. They rented the house for many years and after Wyndam was made redundant it became available for sale in 1972 and they bought it for £3600 In 1975 They sold it for £17000 and moved to 197 West Barnes lane Motspur park New Malden Surrey which they purchased for £13000 and completely cleared their Mortgage. Wyndham and Vera continued to live at this address until his death on January 14th 2001. In 1965 although reluctant Wyndham and Vera experienced their first ever trip abroad, they went with son Michael and his wife Sylvia to Tossa de Mar in Spain for two weeks Wyndham enjoyed this holiday so much that they went every year after that. Later they tried Crete and Turkey and they always looked forward to their annual trip abroad.

School Leaving Report Dated Nov 11 1927:





Philip Gray attended this School for three years and left in July 1927.

We found him a boy of energy and ready to do all he could for the Honour of the school

I believe him to be perfectly honest & straightforward,

H O Cook

Born 22nd May 1913 at 169 Wandsworth Rd. Stockwell Lambeth 1936 when married occupation Timber Porter

Reference for work From:

 Geo. DOVER Fruiterer & Greengrocer of 132 Wandsworth London SW8 dated 11/11/1927

I have known Philip Gray a good many years & know him to be honest willing & good mannered

Signed G Dover

Wyndham was born during the reign of King George V, a year before the outbreak of the 1st world war. His Father Samson was stationed in Eygpt during the war but Wyndham was only 5 when it ended so he would not have remembered much about it. When George V died King Edward V111 inherited the throne in 1936 when Wyndham was 23 yrs old so he would have experienced the Abdication Crisis at the time and the Coronation of King George V1. When world war 2 started in 1939 Wyndham was 26 but as he was working in a reserved occupation at the Morgans Factory in Battersea church Rd. he was not called up but he was in the Home Guard and went off in the evening to patrol or guard various places. In 1952 King George the V1 died and Wyndham experienced another Coronation that of Queen Elizabeth 11. Along with all the celebrations and street parties

Wyndham wins the knobbly knees contest at Leysdown Holiday camp Isle of Sheppy in 1947

On holiday in Tossa de Mar Spain next to Grandaughter Nicola about 1970/71

In 1986 Wyndham and Vera celebrated their Golden wedding with a party along with family and friends and 10 years later in 1996 they celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary and were pleased to receive a congratulatory telegram from the Queen. Wyndham died 21st January 2001, 7 months before his 65th wedding anniversary. Vera died 21st Setember 2005.


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