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This is Emma Gray (Nee Bagwell) She was born 3rd October 1861 in Honiton Devon. Daughter of Nathan Bagwell and Mary Banbury. She travelled down to Lambeth with Wyndham Gray and his family as she was related to Wyndhams wife Ellen Stocker. After they arrived in Lambeth she married Wyndhams son James Gray who was born in 1861 in Honiton. They married on 18th April 1880 at All Saints Church Newington. They had eight children. Emma died 27th June 1908 at 35 Neptune St. South Lambeth aged 46 followed less than a month later by James who died 13th July 1908 in the Lambeth union workhouse infirmary

This is the only Picture I have of James Gray husband of Emma. He was born 1861 in Honiton. His Father was Wyndham Gray and his Mother was Ellen Gray Nee Stocker. He worked as a Labourer and scafolder. When he died he left a very young family,the youngest 3 children had to be taken into care by the Lambeth Guardians (Workhouse) and were Later transferred to Dr. Banardo’s and sent to start a new life in Canada

James and Emma’s first son was named Wyndham and was born in Lambeth in 1883 but died a few months later on the 17th August 1884 at 14 Luscombe St. Kennington Lambeth.

This is James and Emma’s Second child Samson Charles Gray (Charles) in uniform in Eygpt during the first world war. He was born on the 4th February 1887 in Kennington Lambeth. He married Margaret Annie Brittle on the 25th December 1907 at All Saints South Lambeth. They had seven children and adopted their grandson Brian after their daughter Margaret died. Samson lived for many years in whitehaven house Usk Rd. Battersea and died on the 16th June 1969 in St. James Hospital in Balham

This is Nathan David Gray born 16th February 1889 in Lambeth son of James and Emma. He married Caroline Minnie Wells on 29th May 1911 and they had two children. After Carolines death he married Polly and they had five more children. Nathan died on the 4th October 1965 in St, Thomas’s Hostpital Lambeth

Left Nathan David Gray.

This is James and Emma’s 4th Son Henry John Gray who was born 20th December 1893 at 23 Dawlish St. South Lambeth. He married Frances Mary Fox on 15th June 1915 and they had seven children. When he married Henry was already in the Army reserve and enlisted into the Middsex regiment in 1912, During the first world war Henry was posted to Malta, France and was then in Germany until 1922. In 1940 he re-enlisted into the Auxilery Pioneer Corp. Terratorial Army and was discharged on health grounds in 1941. Henry died 28th September 1971 in St.Hellier Hospital, Carshalton Surry.

This is James and Emma’s Fifth son James Gray.He was born 19th June 1896 in 23 Dawlish St. Lambeth. He married Cissie Norris on 1st September 1928 in Wandsworth register Office and to my knowledge had two children. James’ mother and father died when he was 12 and was looked after by the Lambeth Guardians until he was old enough to enlist into the Hussars although I have not found any army records for him. At his wedding James was living in Orville St. Battersea and was a General Labourer. He died 12th October 1987 in Wallington Surrey.

This is Phoebe Gray the first daughter and 6th child of James and Emma. Phoebe was born on 11th April 1900 at 103 Wandsworth Rd. Lambeth. She was Orphaned at the age of 8 and was taken into the care of the Lambeth Guardian Workhouse. She was later transferred to Dr.Banardo’s and then sent to Canada to start a new life and she sailed on the SS Corinthian on 23rd September 1911 arriving in October in Quebec. Phoebe Married Reginald Cornish in Ontario Canada on 28th November 1926

Above the wedding of Reginald Cornish and Phoebe Gray 1926 in Ontario Canada

Above Pheobe Cornish Nee Gray

Phoebe and her family came back to England and settled in Bury St. Edmunds,Suffolk, where she died 31 October 1983

This is Elizabeth Anna Gray 7th Child and second daughter of James and Emma. She was born 11th July 1901 in Lambeth and was Orphaned at the age of 7. She was taken into care by the Lambeth Guardian Workhouse and transferred to Dr. Banardo’s in July 1912. A year after Phoebe. Elizabeth sailed for Canada on 19th September 1912 on the SS Sicilian and arrived in Quebec on the 30th September.Where she was fostered until she was old enough to find work.

Elizabeth married Norman Ernest Yeo on the 28th April 1928 in Ontario Canada

On the right is a picture of Ellen Gray with what looks like a Grandchild that was sent to her Brother Samson Charles from Canada. Ellen was born on the 5th May 1903 in Lambeth and was Orphaned at the age of 5. Ellen was the eighth child and 3rd daughter of James and Emma. At the age of five she was taken into the care of the Lambeth Guardians and later followed her two sisters to Canada

Ellen Married Arthur Lloyd in Canada and died about 1986 in Canada

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