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Welcome to the Genealogy site of Michael and Sylvia Gray. We have Lots of free access to Parish register transcriptions for you to trawl through and Much more. Check out the Search by County Pages.

As well as researching our own family history we are interested in Genealogy in general and this site is dedicated to helping all those with the same interests. Have a good look around the site, we hope that you find something to help you with your research. If not keep coming back as we will be adding to this site all the time.

Find the Grays and Moore’s of Thornford, Australia, Honiton and Lambeth

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Plenty of links to Genealogy transcriptions for you to search through as well as our own story and more being added all the time. Try the search by County page. Lots of records and transcriptions for you to trawl through.So come back again if you don’t find what you are looking for.

 Names we are researching and mentioned on this site at the moment: Gray, Moore, Bagwell, Stocker and Bambury or Banbury of Battersea Lambeth,Honiton and Thornford Dorset. The Wale Family of London and Oxford. The Bissett family from Fife, Durham & London. but we will be adding more names and information as we build the site. We will also be adding as many links to other family history sites as we can, as we come across them.


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Families we are researching

Gray’s and Moores of Thornford Dorset, Honiton, Lambeth, and Ausralia

Wale family of London and Oxford

Bagwell and Stocker families of Honiton Devon and Lambeth

Brittle family from London and Esher Surry

Bissett family from Northumberland, Durham and Fife Scotland

Harrison Family from Northumberland and Durham

Tetlow Family from Cumberland, Durham, Manchester. Plus many, many, more so please dig around

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